Auckland Central Chinese

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Auckland-Central, Auckland

Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant provides exciting Cantonese food. The chefs from China and Hong Kong deliver an array of Cantonese and Peking dishes.

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon Auckland-Central, Auckland

In the hands of China's own experienced Head Chef Hua, guests at the Jade Dragon enjoy traditional oriental fare augmented by a number of more cutting-edge, hybrid dishes.

Live Fish

Live Fish Auckland-Central, Auckland

Live Fish serves offers diners the opportunity to select their seafood live and served while the menu also offers gourmet meat and vegetable cuisine to suit all preferences.

Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant Auckland-Central, Auckland

Large restaurant minutes from Viaduct Harbour in an excellent, central location. Authentic Hong Kong cuisine and winner of several Best Chinese Restaurant awards. Excellent Yum Cha.

Empress Garden Restaurant

Empress Garden Restaurant Auckland-Central, Auckland

Foodies flock to this traditional Chinese eatery to try the legendary Peking duck that's fabled to be one of the best in all of New Zealand.


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